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Tradition & Philosophy

Customer Satisfaction · Quality Assurance · Innovative Approach · Traditional Philosophy

Kee Wah is a traditional family operated company with modern management style
that strives to preserve the long tradition of Chinese pastries while at the same time
adheres to the philosophy of high quality and hygiene standard demanded by modern day customers.
When it first opened for business, Kee Wah was only a small neighbourhood grocery store on
Shanghai Street in Yau Ma Tei. However, with the hardwork and perseverance of Mr. Wong Yip Wing,
the founder and his workers, the business began to grow in size, diversifying to include other products
such as bridal cakes, mooncakes and pastries. Meanwhile with its strict adherence to quality,
the Kee Wah brand gradually gained a solid reputation and became synonymous with quality. 

The baton of the business has since been passed on to the second and third generation of the family.

However, the tradition and philosophy of the company remain
constant and unchanged, adhering strictly to their mission of quality assurance
in order to continue to serve customers with quality and tasty pastries.

Brand Timeline

  • 1938
    Company Founder, Mr Wong Yip Wing opened a small neighbourhood grocery store on Shanghai Street in Yau Ma Tei, thus creating the Kee Wah brand.
  • 1988
    Grand opening of Kee Wah Industrial Building and introduction of modern technologies in the production plant enhanced product quality and efficiency, ensuring all products were freshly made in Hong Kong.
  • 1997
    The baton of the business were passed to the second generation; Mr Kevin S Wong revamped the company’s branding and product packaging by engaging renowned graphic designer Mr Suen Siu Wah to overhaul the corporate identity, product packaging, outlet interiors and staff uniforms.
  • 2004
    “Kee Wah Gift” were launched. Product designs featuring artworks by local Hong Kong artist Ah-Chung (Yim Yee King) attracted both local and tourist customers.
  • 2009
    Production plant in Tai Po commenced production
  • 2012
    Collaborated with Ocean Park and opened the Group’s only nostalgia-themed store in Ocean Park’s “Old Hong Kong” attraction.
  • 2013
    Opening of the first Shanghai outlet in Shanghai ICC.
  • 2017
    Kee Wah's Flagship store is located in a Grade III historic building in Wan Chai. Opened Kee Wah Tearoom and Kee Wah Studio on the first and second floors respectively.
  • 2018
    Kee Wah 80th Anniversary

Our Factory

Owned Factory - Made in Hong Kong

Product quality at Kee Wah is strictly controlled by state-of-the-art production line
and computer system. The group’s two factories implemented HACCP system and
are compliant with ISO 22000:2005 requirements. From raw materials, production to
packaging, the whole production process is carried out in a sterile and controlled
environment to ensure hygienic and safe products for our customers.

As part of our long term business development, Kee Wah began the construction
of a new 20,000 square meters production plant at the Tai Po Industrial Park in 2007.
The fully automated production line and monitoring system, and are built in accordance
with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, ensuring a 100% safe and
hygienic product that meet with international food control standards. 

The new plant was completed in 2011; together with the existing Cheung Sha Wan plant,
the company’s production capacity was greatly increased, allowing us to
serve more customers with our products. 

Business Partners

Kee Wah opened its first nostalgia-themed store in Hong Kong in Ocean Park’s “Old Hong Kong” attraction. Based on Kee Wah’s flagship store in Shanghai during the 40s, the décor and ambience of the store aims to offer visitors a chance to reminiscence the past while tasting fresh baked traditional pastries and snacks.

Kee Wah also crossed over with Eu Yan Sang to launch specialty mooncakes. After the success of the Ginseng and White Lotus Paste Mooncake, the Red Bean Paste Mooncakes with Dried Tangerine Peel was launched in 2013.

In addition to attracting and building a loyal customer base, Kee Wah’s distinctive corporate identity also helps to
establish long-standing business partnerships with airlines, hotels and international confectionary brands.


In addition to attracting and building a loyal customer base, Kee Wah’s distinctive corporate identity also helps to establish long-standing business partnerships with airlines, hotels and international confectionary brands.


Kee Wah has always been a firm believer in giving back to society. Apart from monetary donations,
the company also organized or participated in charitable events regularly,
as well as establishing its own team of volunteers. For instance, the company has been
producing special vegetarian “Chi Lin Mooncake”, as well as other mooncakes for organizations
like Orbis and SPCA, for special charity sales every Mid-Autumn Festival. Proceeds of these specialty mooncakes are donated to respective charities.

In support of Ocean Conservation Foundation Hong Kong’s work on conservation of Asian wildlife,
Kee Wah has been donating to the Foundation HK$5 for every "Kee Wah X Ocean Park" Panda
Mooncake Gift Box coupon sold since 2012. 


In 2013, with the help of Hong Kong Movie Star Sports Association (Elderly Foundation),
Kee Wah also donated over 40,000 boxes of mooncakes to the elders living alone and
low income families through Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council.
Furthermore, Kee Wah’s Volunteer Team also visited low income families living Pak Tin Estate
in Shek Kip Mei, to share good will and mooncake gifts with them during mid-autumn festivals.

In order to help seriously ill children and make their dreams come true, Kee Wah also
collaborated with “Make A Wish Foundation” and designed an “Autumn Make A Wish” Bus.
By simply scanning and sharing on facebook the QR code inside the bus, passengers and
Kee Wah would be helping to make the children’s wishes come true.


Over the years, Kee Wah Bakery wins different awards in various areas.

2001 - 2018

The Hong Kong Tourism Board accredited Kee Wah Bakery as "QTS-accredited merchants” for consecutive 18 years and awarded as “10-year QTS Merchant Recognition”.


2009 - 2018

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service awarded Kee Wah Bakery the "Caring Company" for 10 consecutive years.



Eligible for Yahoo Hong Kong "Emotive Brand Award - Brand Ambassador"



Apple Daily awarded Kee Wah Bakery the "Creative Print Ads Award - Food and beverages” Gold Award and "The Best Print Campaign" Award. 


2012 - 2014

In 2012, Kee Wah received the “Hong Kong Top Brand Awards” from Hong Kong Brand Development Council.
In 2013, Kee Wah received the “Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards” from Hong Kong Brand Development Council.

In 2013, Kee Wah received the “Hong Kong Premier Brand Awards” from Hong Kong Brand Development Council.


2012 - 2018

Eligible for ESD Life “Bridal Award - The Best Bridal Cake” for 7 consecutive years.

In 2018, ESD Life also awarded Kee Wah Bakery the" ESD Life 2018 Honorary Award.



In 2018, Kee Wah received the “CAPITAL Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2018” from Capital Group.



In 2018, Kee Wah received the “2018 Service & Courtesy Award - Gold Award (Food Shops Category, Supervisory Level)” and “2018 Service & Courtesy Award(Bakery Shops Category, Junior Frontline Level)” from The Hong Kong Retail Management Association.


Join Us

Kee Wah believes that the workforce is the cornerstone of our business.
In order to improve the quality of our workforce, we have engaged an internationally
acclaimed management consultant company to help Kee Wah progress and adopt a more
modern and professional management style. The company has also been recruiting a more
professional workforce, while at the same time providing professional training
or sponsoring existing staff to pursue continuing education and
training in order to strengthen the management and production team.


We welcome all aspiring individuals interested in a career
in the bakery and patisserie industry to join us at Kee Wah