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All Time Favourites

Kee Wah Chinese Snacks represents many of our all-time favourites, including Wife Cakes, Almond Biscuits, Ginger Cookies and Sesame Snaps. Traditional confectionaries such as Pineapple Shortcakes, Chinese Sweet Crispies, Eggrolls and Chinese Pastries are also available in various different flavours to suit different tastes.

  • Winter Melon Pastries (Wife Cakes)

    Description :

    One of the most classic Hong Kong traditional delicacies, the Winter Melon Pastries is made with the finest flour, winter melon paste and sesame.

  • Eggrolls

    Description :

    A simple mixture of flour, eggs and butter makes the tastiest and crunchiest Eggrolls. Kee Wah Eggrolls are available in several flavours, such as Butter, Coconut, Seaweed, Coffee, Black Sesame, Ginger as well as Egg Albumen. Made with egg-white, Egg Albumen rolls offer a healthy option, yet still retain all its flavour. They are available in two flavours, Dark Brown Sugar Egg Albumen and “Flax Seed and Egg Albumen.

  • Almond Biscuits

    Description :

    Almond biscuit is filled with almond pieces to give additional taste and texture.

  • Chinese Sweet Crispies

    Description :

    A traditional Manchu delicacy, the Sweet Crispy is made of flour, eggs and sesame, with honey or syrup. The Sweet Crispy is a snack that is sweet, crispy, and available in 4 flavours of Original, Cashew, Amber Walnut and Dark Brown Sugar. Furthermore, the Maltitol Low-Sugar Sweet Crispies is also available, which is low in sugar but refreshing and crispy to taste.

  • Pineapple Shortcake

    Description :

    The Kee Wah Pineapple Shortcakes are available in the 5 flavours: Pineapple, Pineapple with Egg Yolk, Pineapple with Walnuts, Mango and Honeydew Melon.

  • Sesame Biscuits

    Description :

    Flour, eggs and butter are baked into thin slices and handmade into the shape of a large biscuit and sprinkled with sesame, giving the Sesame Biscuits a distinctive flavour and texture.

  • Ginger Cookies

    Description :

    The Chinese Ginger Cookies are made with ginger chunks that give the cookies a very strong aroma and spicy taste. Ginger is a Chinese herb that is often used to chase away the chills, but the mild cookie is suitable for elders and children alike.

  • Walnut Cookies

    Description :

    One of the all-time favourites, the Mini Walnut Cookie is an old and traditional Chinese pastry that is crispy to taste.

  • Mochi

    Description :

    The soft and chewy Mochi are sprinkled with desiccated coconut and filled with red bean, black sesame, peanut or green tea fillings.