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Western Cookies

In addition to traditional Chinese snacks, Kee Wah Bakery also introduced Western style cookies including Egg Albumen Cookies, Almond Crisps, Palmiers and Mini Cookies.

  • Cookies

    Description :

    Baked with the finest flour and butter, the Kee Wah Cookies will tempt the most discerning palate. Flavours available include Butter Cookies with Cashew, Coffee Cookies with Cashew, Chocolate Cookies with Sliced Almond and Panda Cookies.

  • Egg Albumen Cookies

    Description :

    Made with egg-white, flour and butter, the Egg Albumen Cookies is an alternative choice for the health conscious customers. The cookies are available in two flavours, Black Sesame Egg Albumen Cookies and Desiccated Coconut Egg Albumen Cookies.

  • Mini Cookies

    Description :

    Made with flour and butter, this little snack is available in three flavours of Coffee, Seaweed and Egg Albumen Almond.

  • Almond Crisps

    Description :

    Almond Crisps are layered with puff pastries to make this aromatic and flaky delicacy that will just melts in your mouth.

  • Palmiers

    Description :

    A butter pastry shaped like a butterfly, the Palmiers is a crispy puff pastry sprinkled with sugar granules that gives it an extra “crunch”.

  • Tea Cookies

    Description :

    Tea Cookies are crispy to taste and lightly permeated with the flavour of Chinese tea. A mixture of finely grounded tea leaves is added to the cookies to give it an enhanced flavour and texture. Four types of Tea Cookies are available, including Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong and Jasmine.