Bridal Cakes

Bridal cakes are a staple with traditional Chinese weddings. Their fillings mostly consist of sweet ingredients such as lotus seed paste, red bean, green bean, and nuts. Bridal cakes help the groom express his gratitude to the bride’s family, who will then share the cake with their relatives and friends to share the joy of the wedding.

Specialized in the craft of Chinese pastry and bridal gifts, Kee Wah has long been producing some of the finest and most exquisite bridal cakes the world has ever seen. Our products' premium quality and elegant packaging are meant to help produce the wedding of your dreams. 


Wedding Coupons

Aside from bridal cakes and wedding gift boxes, Kee Wah’s wedding coupons can also be used to redeem other Kee Wah products within the coupon’s value. (Crossover products excluded.)

Dowry Chests

Kee Wah also provides traditional Chinese Dowry Chests and equipment for rent. With an order of bridal cakes or wedding coupons over $1,000 (after discount), you can enjoy a free rental of:

2 Bridal Cake Chests ($1,000 damage deposit)
1 Dowry Chest ($300 damage deposit)

All deposits will be returned to you in full once the rented items are returned.

Wedding Table Gift

3 options available:Mini Heart Shaped Lotus Seed Paste Pastry with Yolk (1pc), Butter Cookies with Cashew (4pcs) and Palmiers (2pcs).

Mini Heart Shaped Lotus Seed Paste Pastry with Yolk (1pc) -HK$16/box
Butter Cookies with Cashew (4pcs) - HK$16/box
Palmiers (2pcs) - HK$12/box

*Minimumn Order Qty: 50pcs

Mini Chinese Bridal Cake Class

In order to share the joy and happiness of wedding, it is essential to distribute bridal cakes with friends and relatives in the Chinese wedding tradition. Wedding is an important occasion in the life stage and it is worth having your attention on every single detail. Kee Wah Studio has newly launched its Mini Chinese Bridal Cake Class. You and your beloved can join the workshop hand in hand, making your own bridal cakes and sharing with friends and relatives. After the workshop, you can also write down your own wishes and/or thanks on the card with sealed envelope.

Fondant Cookies Table Gifts

Wanna spread the joy to your family and friends? You will learn to make marble fondant cookies with unique design and favorite color by your own for banquet table gifts. Let’s create your special personalized gift and share sweet memories with people you care!