As of 12 September, 2021, we will no longer be selling mooncakes on Kee Wah’s website for the remainder of the season. Should you wish to purchase mooncakes from Kee Wah, please visit one of our stores.

    Thank you so much for all your support and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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    Egg Custard

    The rich flavours and decadent ingredients of traditional mooncakes have endured for generations. But for those who enjoy a lighter taste, Kee Wah Egg Custard Mooncakes are a delicious mooncake alternative: smooth and sweet egg custard baked inside crispy golden pastry. Available in a variety of flavours, each is packaged in a rabbit gift box to symbolise longevity.


    The ultimate gift box selection, Kee Wah Supreme Series Mooncakes are a decadent treat. They are available in packages decorated with a classic emperor’s portrait or an elegant gold-topped design.

    1. Assorted Nuts Mooncake (4 pcs)
      Assorted Nuts Mooncake (4 pcs)
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    Kee Wah Celestial Series Mooncakes come in a sumptuous selection of sweet and savoury flavours. Inspired by the heavens, each gift box is packaged in an ethereal cloud or moon design.

    Low Sugar High Fiber

    The Kee Wah Full Moon Series is made with Maltitol, a naturally sweet plant extract. A low-sugar alternative to classic mooncakes, these are available in modern full-moon gift box designs.