Chinese and Western Snacks

    Chinese and Western Snacks

    It’s hard to find a more enthusiastic and discerning group of food lovers than Hongkongers. Even today, queues snake out of the doors of Kee Wah’s beloved bakeries, as young and old alike share their love of old-school classics. Home to traditional Chinese favourites including “Wife Cakes”, Eggrolls and Sweet Crispies, we are proud to have over 500 different pastries, sweets and snacks in our line of delicacies.

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    Chinese Snacks

    Take a trip down memory lane with classic pastries that have stood the test of time. Many of our original recipes date back to 1941. These include our famous Almond Biscuits, White Sugar Cakes and Bites, Lotus Seed Paste Cakes and Crispy Egg Floss favourites.

    1. Eggrolls (12pcs)
      Eggrolls (12pcs)
      As low as HK$18.00
    2. Almond Biscuits (8pcs)
      Almond Biscuits (8pcs)
    3. Sesame Biscuits (6pcs)
      Sesame Biscuits (6pcs)
    4. Almond Biscuits (5pcs)
      Almond Biscuits (5pcs)
    5. Ginger Cookies (120g)
      Ginger Cookies (120g)
    6. Chinese Egg Cookies (100g)
      Chinese Egg Cookies (100g)
    7. Mini Walnut Cookies (6pcs)
      Mini Walnut Cookies (6pcs)
    8. Mini Walnut Cookies (18pcs)
      Mini Walnut Cookies (18pcs)
    9. Shortacke (1pc)
      Shortacke (1pc)
      As low as HK$9.50
    10. Phoenix rolls (6 pcs)
      Phoenix rolls (6 pcs)
      As low as HK$19.50
    11. Phoenix rolls (11 pcs)
      Phoenix rolls (11 pcs)
      As low as HK$40.00
    12. Sweet Crispies (1pc)
      Sweet Crispies (1pc)
      As low as HK$6.50
    13. Sweet Crispies (4pcs)
      Sweet Crispies (4pcs)
      As low as HK$22.00
    14. Assorted Eggrolls (6packs)
      Assorted Eggrolls (6packs)
    15. Eggrolls (400g)
      Eggrolls (400g)
      As low as HK$95.00
    16. Ginger Candy (15pcs)
      Ginger Candy (15pcs)
    17. Nougat (14pcs)
      Nougat (14pcs)
    18. Crunchy Peanut Candy (220g)
      Crunchy Peanut Candy (220g)

    Western Snacks

    Inspired by flavours and baking techniques from around the world, our range of Western snacks are crafted with a distinctive Kee Wah touch.

    1. Palmiers (14 pcs)
      Palmiers (14 pcs)
    2. Butter Cookies (8pcs)
      Butter Cookies (8pcs)
    3. Panda Cookies (12pcs)
      Panda Cookies (12pcs)
    4. Almond Crisps (6pcs)
      Almond Crisps (6pcs)
      As low as HK$23.00
    5. Palmiers (8pcs)
      Palmiers (8pcs)
      As low as HK$20.00
    6. Tea Cookies (8pcs)
      Tea Cookies (8pcs)
      As low as HK$11.00
    7. Cookies (100g)
      Cookies (100g)
      As low as HK$19.00