Whether it’s a traditional festival or holiday, or the chance to embrace seasonal ingredients, Kee Wah creates auspicious pastries, treats and delicacies to be shared with friends and family.


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    Sausage and Betty's XO Sauce

    While Kee Wah has always been known for its baking, our culinary expertise spans more than 80 years of creating specialised food products that elevate traditional and modern recipes.

    Rice Dumpling

     Actual Product-Assorted Rice Dumpling Gift Set (Delivery date by cold chain: 2022/5/26)

    As of 16 May, 2022, we will no longer be selling Rice Dumping vouchers on Kee Wah’s website for the remainder of the season. Should you wish to purchase Rice Dumping products from Kee Wah, please visit one of our stores.
    Thank you so much for all your support and Happy Dragon Boat Festival!