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    It has been said that once you experience Hong Kong, it will stay with you forever. Hongkongers welcome travellers from different cultures and celebrate the traditions that make us who we are. Kee Wah Gifts brings together some of the city’s beloved favourites, from pastries and sweets to mooncakes and Chinese teas, in beautifully packaged gift boxes. After all, there is nothing that creates a memory quite like the taste of something delicious.

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    Kee Wah Gift Boxes

    Metal Gift Boxes

    Meticulously crafted with a premium selection of top-quality ingredients, Kee Wah’s palmier, phoenix rolls, and almond crisps are buttery and aromatic treats that can leave your guests impressed. Share with your family and friends a classy and elegant pastry gift set made locally in Hong Kong.

    Eggroll Gift Boxes

    Ah Chung Gift Boxes

    In collaboration with the one and only Ah Chung – legendary artist and cultural icon of Hong Kong. Explore a wide range of pastry gift boxes adorned with Ah Chung’s stylish artwork and Kee Wah Bakery’s classic and traditional Hong Kong snacks. Look no further for a signature gift that is representative of Hong Kong.

    Fruit Shortcake Gift Boxes

    Kee Wah’s Pineapple Shortcakes combine silky and refreshingly sweet fillings with a fluffy and aromatic layer of pastry to create irresistible tastes. Enjoy our Pineapple Shortcakes in a wide range of flavours with an assorted pastry gift box. These iconic pastry gift sets are perfect for sharing with friends or as an elegant corporate gift.

    Animal Themed Gift Boxes

    Made with top-grade flour and butter, Kee Wah’s panda, penguin, and koala cookies are adorable and delicious treats loved by children and adults alike. Inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic tram, bus, and ferry in their box design, Kee Wah’s pastry gift boxes are the perfect souvenirs to commemorate an unforgettable trip.