Western Snacks

    Inspired by flavours and baking techniques from around the world, our range of Western snacks are crafted with a distinctive Kee Wah touch.

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    1. Cookies (100g)
      Cookies (100g)
      As low as HK$19.00
    2. Tea Cookies (8pcs)
      Tea Cookies (8pcs)
      As low as HK$11.00
    3. Palmiers (8pcs)
      Palmiers (8pcs)
      As low as HK$20.00
    4. Almond Crisps (6pcs)
      Almond Crisps (6pcs)
      As low as HK$23.00
    5. Panda Cookies (12pcs)
      Panda Cookies (12pcs)
    6. puff-pastry-sticks (15 pcs)
      puff-pastry-sticks (15 pcs)
      As low as HK$32.50
    7. Butter Cookies (8pcs)
      Butter Cookies (8pcs)
    8. Palmiers (14 pcs)
      Palmiers (14 pcs)