Five Snacks to Try in the Year of the Dragon


During the Chinese New Year, family, and friends gather together. It’s time to enjoy New Year snacks together! There are so many traditional New Year snacks in the market, but which one to try? Kee Wah Bakery has specially selected 5 classic Kee Wah New Year snacks for you, perfect for sharing with family and friends to celebrate the New Year together!


Yau Gok

“Yau gok” is a traditional New Year snack that many people must have in their New Year boxes. After deep-frying, it becomes plump, golden in colour and loose in the mouth. The production process of Kee Wah Bakery’s yau gok is unique, and the corners are pinched with rigorous skills to ensure that each crispy corner looks like an ancient ingot, signifying a blessing for wealth throughout the year.


Sesame Balls

As the saying goes, “Round like the sesame balls, wealth fills the family’s halls” This traditional snack is a staple during the Lunar New Year. Kee Wah’s sesame balls are stuffed with chopped peanuts and syrup, and sprinkled with plump white sesame seeds on the outside. After deep-frying at high temperatures, the sesame balls will be golden and plump, symbolising a prosperous home and great wealth in the coming year!


Rice Cookies

As the name suggests, rice cookies are fried rice until fragrant. The uncooked rice is crushed into rice flour and added with sugar. Ingredients such as sesame and peanuts are poured in. After mixing, the rice is introduced into a mould and pressed into a cake, then arranged in the oven. As a traditional New Year food, rice cookies are fragrant, crispy, and mouth-watering. They are the best snack gifts for New Year greetings.


Egg Twists

Egg twists, which are similar in appearance to crispy twists, symbolise good luck in the new year. The action of putting the egg dumplings into the oil pan when frying them symbolises having no worries about food and clothing in the coming year. They are very popular among New Year foods. Egg twists are crispy, delicious, salty, sweet, and fragrant. Enjoy it with your relatives and friends and share the traditional New Year flavour!


Sugar Rings

Sugar rings are shaped like a flower, one petal after another. This means that we are interlocked, endless, and full of vitality in the coming year. Kee Wah Bakery’s sugar rings have a crispy texture and are one of the traditional New Year snacks. They are suitable for entertaining relatives and friends to enjoy during New Year greetings and feel the traditional flavour of celebrating the New Year.


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