Top Gift Choices for the 2024 New Year: Explore 3 Classic Chinese Snacks from Kee Wah Bakery - Eggrolls, Palmiers, Pineapple Shortcakes

As the 2024 Spring Festival approaches, Kee Wah Bakery will be offering three classic treats - Eggrolls, Palmiers, and Pineapple Shortcakes. Handcrafted with traditional techniques and presented in exquisite packaging, these are perfect for Lunar New Year gifting and gatherings and an ideal choice for self-indulgence in the new year.


Eggrolls - Hometown Flavour with Crispness and Fluffiness

Buttery and crispy egg rolls are a common choice for New Year gifting. Kee Wah’s classic Eggrolls are made with flour, eggs, and butter, offering a lovely aroma with multiple layers for a rich and crispy texture. In addition to the classic Butter flavour, Kee Wah introduces new varieties such as Ginger, Coffee, Coconut, Seaweed, and Black Sesame, reinterpreting traditional Chinese snacks with modern flavours to suit different tastes. The Assorted Eggroll (9 Packs) lets you taste all Kee Wah’s eggroll flavours. These sweet and crispy egg rolls are perfect for festive celebrations and gifting.

Palmiers - Caramelised Layer and Rich in Butter

Sweet, crispy pastry with a rich buttery aroma—classic Palmiers are a favourite among many Hong Kong people and an ideal choice for Lunar New Year gifts! Kee Wah Bakery’s Palmiers are baked with premium butter and high-quality flour, evenly toasted inside and out. Sprinkled with sugar granules, the caramelised outer layer adds an unforgettable bite. These delightful Palmiers come in a variety of flavours: Classic Butter, Black and White Sesame, and Earl Grey Tea, satisfying the diverse palates of your family and friends.

Pineapple Shortcakes - Crumbly Pastry with Fruit Filling

Originating from Taiwan, Pineapple Shortcakes are traditionally made with winter gourd filling mixed with pineapple paste, offering a crumbly texture and a sweet flavour. Kee Wah Bakery introduces the Pineapple Shortcakes with a Hong Kong twist, featuring a crisp outer layer and a soft, sweet, tart pineapple filling. Various flavours of Pineapple Shortcake gift boxes are available, including the original and assorted flavours, for you and your loved ones to share.

Traditional Taiwanese Pineapple Shortcakes - Authentic Taiwanese Flavour with Rich Pineapple Aroma

A special mention goes to Kee Wah’s Traditional Taiwanese Pineapple Shortcake, which has filling made from pure pineapple and sugar. Compared to regular Pineapple Shortcakes, the tartness and pineapple aroma are more pronounced. Kee Wah Bakery especially imports these from Taiwan and combines them with local Hong Kong characteristics to create authentic Taiwanese Pineapple Shortcakes. The filling includes bits of pineapple.

Kee Wah Bakery’s New Year cakes and gift boxes are all 100% made in Hong Kong.

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