Traditional New Year Pudding: Ingenious Classic Pudding and Radish Pudding

Since its establishment in 1938, Kee Wah Bakery has been adhering to the business concept of “making cakes with care and winning by quality”, blending tradition and innovative spirit to present carefully crafted baked goods to customers. Kee Wah Bakery inherits traditional craftsmanship and insists on local manufacturing in Hong Kong. It has carefully selected a variety of New Year pudding, suitable for giving as gifts for personal use. You can enjoy the sweet, soft, and glutinous New Year pudding with your relatives and friends to welcome the New Year!


New Year’s cake – Chinese New Year Pudding

As one of Hong Kong’s classic New Year pudding, pudding have the same Cantonese pronunciation as “niangao” and meaning of rising every year. They are an indispensable New Year food for celebrating the Lunar New Year. Our Chinese New Year Pudding is made with traditional techniques that were passed down from the mother of the founder of Kee Wah Bakery, who created the Chinese New Year Pudding series. Kee Wah carefully selects glutinous rice and insists on using our own raw-ground glutinous rice slurry to steam the pudding, making the pudding sweet and soft. With a smoky and tough texture that does not stick to the teeth, our Chinese New Year Pudding gives an authentic and traditional pudding flavour. In 2024, Kee Wah Bakery will launch a variety of Chinese New Year Pudding gift boxes for the Chinese New Year, with different sizes and low-sugar flavours. They are suitable for New Year gifts or entertaining relatives and friends!


Chinese New Year Pudding Series

In addition to the classic and traditional Chinese New Year Pudding, Kee Wah Bakery also launches pudding of different flavours to cater to diverse tastes. Each one is sweet, soft and glutinous, blending traditional ancient flavours with deliciousness. The following introduces various types of puddings.


Chinese New Year Pudding with Coconut Milk

Sweet coconut milk is added to the raw glutinous pudding. The coconut fragrance is refreshing and not greasy, and the sweet taste makes the pudding delicious.

Chinese New Year Pudding with Ginger Juice

A pudding with ginger juice mixed into the cake. The ginger flavour makes the overall taste richer and reduces the sweetness.

Chinese New Year Pudding with Red Date

Made from high-quality red dates, ground into jujube paste, and then steamed with tapioca flour, it is delicious and chewy. Each bite of the rice cake reveals a strong jujube aroma.

Maltitol Low Sugar Chinese New Year Pudding

Made with a low-sugar formula, the taste is still smoky, soft, and waxy, and can also be enjoyed by those who are healthy.

Chinese New Year Radish Pudding

As the most classic New Year food, a good Chinese New Year Radish Pudding is a staple. Kee Wah Bakery uses fresh radish cut into strips and adds rich ingredients such as carefully selected sausages, Japanese dried scallops, and high-quality dried shrimps. The cured meat is rich in fat and paired with sweet radish, making it soft and delicious. It is a must-try during the New Year. If you purchase New Year gift coupons now, you can redeem them within the specified period for Kee Wah Bakery’s specially selected radish pudding for the New Year. It is a great choice for giving as a gift and for personal use.

Kee Wah Bakery’s New Year puddings and gift boxes are all 100% made in Hong Kong, with strict quality control. Visit the Kee Wah Bakery website to view more 2024 New Year gift vouchers, New Year sets, New Year gift boxes, New Year pastries, New Year snacks, and exclusive online store discount information.