Liver Sausage & Chinese Sausage

“When autumn winds rise, it’s time to taste the cured meats (Lap Mei)!” This saying manifests the culinary tradition of Hong Kong that has passed on through generations - The fragrant and delicious Hong Kong-style liver sausage  and Chinese Sausage have become the must-try delicacies during the autumn and winter seasons in Hong Kong. Before indulging in these tasty liver sausages and Chinese sausages, let’s learn about their ingredients and how to choose the best ones for your dish. In this article, we will also introduce the 3 treasures, known as the 3 key elements of the cured meat rice, allowing you to cook the delicious dish at home!


What Are the Differences Between Chinese Sausages and Liver Sausages?

Liver sausage (also written as “Run Chang”) and Chinese sausage (also written as “Lap Chang”)  are commonly consumed preserved meats in our daily lives. The difference lies in their ingredients, which dictate their unique flavours and textures. Compared to traditional Chinese sausages, liver sausages are known for their soft and moist texture. This is because liver sausages are stuffed with poultry liver, giving it a unique flavour. On the other hand, Chinese sausages are filled with pork and have a firmer texture. If you prefer richly textured and juicy preserved meats, liver sausages are perfect for you; if you prefer a more traditional and denser texture, Chinese sausages should be your top choice.


6 Tips for Choosing Liver Sausages and Chinese Sausages

With a variety of choices available in the market, how should one choose the best liver sausage or Chinese sausage? Here are some practical tips to help your selection.


Tip 1: Check the Meat and Ingredients Used in the Sausage

High-quality liver sausages use fresh poultry liver as its filling, such as duck liver, while Chinese sausages should be filled with pork. Many manufacturers add a hint of Chinese rose wine to enhance the flavour during the production process. However, neither liver sausages nor Chinese sausages should contain excessive additives or fillers, ensuring the authenticity and natural taste of the preserved meats.


Tip 2: Recognise the Production Source of the Meat

Preserved meats from diverse regions each offer their own distinct flavours. Before purchasing, it's recommended to identify the origin of the meat. Some meats may also have organic certifications or claims that no antibiotics or additives are present.


Tip 3: Observe the Lustre of the Sausage Casing

The lustre of the casing is a vital indicator of the quality of preserved meats, reflecting the taste and texture of the sausages. Check if the casing has a natural sheen without appearing overly greasy or excessively dry before making a purchase.


Tip 4: Experience the Aroma of the Preserved Meats

If the preserved meat is not vacuum-packed, you should be able to smell a mouthwatering aroma, a natural fragrance resulting from the combination of ingredients and seasonings. If it only has a greasy smell, it indicates the preserved meat is not fresh enough.


Tip 5: Examine the Packaging and Preservation Methods

The storage conditions can influence the taste of the preserved meats. Vacuum-sealing them immediately after production can ensure they maintain the prime freshness and taste quality.


Tip 6: Compare Production Dates and Expiry Dates

When purchasing preserved meats, don't forget to ask the seller or check the packaging for the production and expiration dates. This will ensure that you can consume them within the optimal period.


How to Cook a Delicious Cured Meat Rice Meal at Home?

If you want to make an impressive cured meat rice at home effortlessly after selecting the highest-quality liver sausage or Chinese sausage, the following ingredients are essential for the preparation:


Kee Wah Chinese Sausages

Crafted from carefully selected cuts of fresh pork shoulder butt, Kee Wah Chinese Sausages are 100% freshly made in Hong Kong. It's expertly infused with aromatic Chinese rose wine and premium soy sauce, then stuffed into natural pork casings. This unique production method gives the sausage a delicious taste that is sweet, rich, and mellow. When cooked, the sausage releases a fragrant aroma, instantly elevating the flavour of the dish.

Kee Wah Chinese Sausages

Kee Wah Chinese Duck Liver Sausages

Featuring high-quality duck liver imported from Australia, Kee Wah Chinese Duck Liver Sausages offer a tender and smooth texture. When cooked, it releases a decadent wine aroma along with the flavourful essence of the duck liver oil. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with white rice, every bite is infused with the sweet and savoury fat of the duck liver sausage, creating an irresistible taste.

Kee Wah Chinese Duck Liver Sausages

Premium Betty’s XO Sauce

Crafted by the eldest daughter of the founder of Kee Wah Bakery, Ms. Betty Wong, this unique sauce combines top-grade ingredients such as conpoy, Chinese ham, dried shrimp, and shrimp roe, showcasing a distinctive Hong Kong flavour. Every bite bursts with the freshness of conpoy, the essence of Chinese ham, and the smoothness of shrimp roe, delivering a rich and flavourful taste. Adding this XO sauce to your cured meat rice instantly enhances its depth of flavour.

Premium Betty’s XO Sauce

Kee Wah Bakery offers a curated selection of preserved meat ingredients and is committed to providing the highest quality products, allowing you to cook delicious and authentic Hong Kong-style dishes at home effortlessly. Head over to Kee Wah Bakery's online store to purchase our range of specialised food products, including Chinese sausages, liver sausages, and XO sauces.