Wedding Cake

While many newlyweds now opt for a Western-style wedding, they still adhere to the Chinese tradition of preparing bridal cakes (also known as wedding cakes) to share the joy of the wedding with family and friends. So, when preparing bridal cakes, how many should the newlywed's order? What symbolic meanings and blessings do each type of bridal cakes contain? Kee Wah Bakery takes you through the intricacies of preparing wedding cakes for your wedding.

What are Bridal Cakes?

Traditional bridal cakes are distributed by the bride's family to inform friends and relatives about the happy news of the daughter's marriage, while also sharing this joy. Traditional bridal cakes come in a variety of styles: popular ones include Walnut Cookies (合桃酥), Mung Bean Paste Pastry (黃綾豆蓉酥), Lotus Seed Paste Pastry (紅綾蓮蓉酥), and Chinese Sponge Cake (正式雞蛋糕).

However, with changing times, many newlyweds now opt to substitute some of the bridal cakes with Wedding Gift Vouchers or Bridal Cake Cards for easier distribution.

What is the Symbolism of Bridal Cakes?

Each Chinese wedding cake carries symbolic meanings and blessings that can't be replaced by extravagant Western pastries. Here are the common symbolic meanings of Chinese wedding cakes:

  • Lotus Seed Paste Pastry (紅綾): Great luck, continuous fortune
  • Mung Bean Paste Pastry (黃綾): House full of gold and silver
  • Assorted Nuts Pastry (白綾): Lifelong marriage
  • Walnut Cookies (合桃酥): Marital harmony
  • Chinese Sponge Cake (雞蛋糕): Prosperous family and wealth, branching out

How Should Newlyweds Account for the Number of Bridal Cakes?

Traditionally, bridal cakes are one of the betrothal gifts during Guo Da Li, and the purchase should be handled by the groom's family, who then distributes the cakes to their friends and relatives on behalf of the bride. Bridal cakes are usually given in units of 400 cakes (100 catties), and the number of cakes given should always be even, symbolizing "pairing up".

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While accounting for the number of bridal cakes, the bride's family can distribute boxes of eight, six, or four Bridal Cakes, depending on the closeness and seniority of the relatives. If the bride's family wants to notify acquaintances, they can opt for a "double flat", i.e., giving two bridal cakes. Today, many newlyweds symbolically prepare eight cakes, and the rest are substituted with Bridal Cake Cards. Furthermore, newlyweds can also distribute Wedding Gift Vouchers or Bridal Cake Cards, allowing friends and relatives to exchange them for wedding cakes or gift boxes at their convenience.

The bride's family can make a detailed list of friends and relatives to distribute the cakes to, and then inform the groom's family of the quantity to prepare, thus cherishing the blessings and ensuring auspiciousness.

Various Kee Wah Bakery Wedding Gift Vouchers and Cake Cards

As a renowned wedding cake expert for over 80 years, Kee Wah Bakery offers a variety of Cake Gift Boxes and Cake Cards, allowing the newlyweds and their families to mix and match freely. Whether it's traditional Chinese wedding cakes, Wedding Gift Vouchers, or Bridal Cake Cards, we have it all, making it easy for you to handle the matter of Bridal Cakes and share the joy of your lifetime event!

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