wedding favor

Choosing wedding favors is an integral part of planning the wedding banquet. However, picking something that embodies the newlyweds' sentiments and pleases the guests is no easy task. So, what kind of favors do guests want to receive at a wedding? Kee Wah Bakery presents a curated selection of gifts that are not only practical but also suitable for all ages. With our careful selection, we guarantee that these gifts will leave a lasting impression.

Let’s Explore Some Top Wedding Favor Recommendations

1. Floral Tea Bags

In recent years, floral tea has gained popularity as a wedding favor choice. It offers a wide range of options to cater to different guest preferences, including beautifying Apple Tea or soothing Rose Tea. What's even more delightful is that the packaging can be personalized with the newlyweds' pictures, serving as a bold display of love.

2. Jam

Indulge in the universally enjoyed delight of sweet and rich jam, which beautifully conveys the joy and sweetness of marriage. When accompanied by exquisite packaging, this thoughtful gift becomes an elegant gesture.

3. Honey

Small, delicate jars of honey have become a beloved choice for wedding favors. Legend has it that Cupid's arrows were once dipped in honey, adding a touch of sweetness to the feelings of lovers. By offering honey as a favor, each guest can savor a delightful taste of happiness and nourishment.

4. Handmade Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare products such as perfumes, hand creams, and lip balms are essential year-round items for everyone. To make these gifts truly special, consider adding elements like dried flowers or photos of the newlyweds to the packaging. This personal touch will create a unique and memorable gift for your wedding guests.

5. Aromatherapy Candles

Couples have the opportunity to personalize aromatherapy candles in different shapes and fragrances, including heart-shaped ones that symbolize sweet love. These beautiful and practical home decor items emit a gentle, sweet aroma that serves as a reminder to guests of the romantic ambiance experienced on the wedding day.

Alongside these wedding favors, meaningful pastries can also serve as delightful gifts that bring an extra touch of sweetness and joy to your special day. Kee Wah Bakery presents a range of delectable pastries to choose from. Here are four recommended options to consider as wedding favors:

6. Butter Cookies with Cashew

Cashews are often associated with wealth and treasure, making them a symbolic choice for wedding favors. These cookies, boasting a delightful blend of rich nuttiness and buttery flavors, come in a perfectly sized portion that is ideal for gifting.

7. Mini Heart-Shaped Lotus Seed Paste Pastry with Yolk

The lotus seed paste pastry symbolizes the blooming of family and the pursuit of perfect harmony. This pastry allows you to share the joy of marriage with your loved ones, including family and friends.

8. Palmiers

Indulge in the delightful symbolism and taste of Kee Wah's Palmier. Each layer of this exquisite treat represents a collection of blessings, making every bite a truly blissful experience. With its richness and unforgettable texture, Kee Wah's pastry promises to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

9. Mini Chinese Bridal Cake Class

Sweeten your wedding with personalised elegant cakes, adding a unique and heartfelt touch to your celebration with Kee Wah Studio's Mini Chinese Bridal Cake Class. Our Mini Chinese Bridal Cake Class, designed specifically for newly engaged couples, offers an immersive experience where couples can bake and package mini lotus seed paste pastry with yolk, red bean paste pastry, winter melon pastry, and mung bean paste pastry, making them truly special and personalised. These delightful treats will be a keepsake for your friends and relatives, adding a touch of sweetness to your celebration. In addition to teaching cake-making skills, the course includes a professional wedding emcee to explain traditional wedding information, helping couples smoothly arrange their wedding procedures.

10. Disney Mickey & Minnie’s Mini Gift Box

Taking inspiration from the Kee Wah traditional gift box, this new design features sweet Mickey and Minnie Mouse motifs. Completing the sweet presentation, the box holds a Heart-Shaped Lotus Seed Paste Pastry with Yolk, featuring Mickey's Face. This meticulously crafted pastry is sure to create lasting memories for guests as they celebrate with the happy couple. Kee Wah Bakery has reimagined the traditional red wedding gift box in a charming miniature version. This delightful box features Mickey and Minnie Mouse holding hands and kissing, and is adorned with the auspicious blessing "百年好合" (May you have a hundred years of happiness and harmony).

Kee Wah's Wedding Coupons

As a wedding gift cake expert with over 80 years of experience, Kee Wah Bakery offers a variety of wedding gift boxes and wedding coupons, allowing newlyweds and their loved ones to freely mix and match to create the perfect selection. Whether you choose traditional Chinese wedding cakes, convenient gift vouchers, or personalised wedding coupons, Kee Wah Bakery has everything you need to celebrate your special day with delicious pastries. Let us help you share the joy of your big day without stress.

Kee Wah Bakery's wedding gift vouchers are well-designed and exude elegance. The latest design showcases a sophisticated rose theme, embodying timeless beauty and luxury. Alongside the $50 Wedding Coupon, Kee Wah Bakery presents a range of options including the Royal Wedding Coupon, Celestial Wedding Coupon, Elegant Wedding Coupon, and Assorted Mini Wedding Coupon. These vouchers are redeemable for wedding gift boxes or any regular-priced product at face value. Purchase 20 or more vouchers and receive a 5% discount, 50 or more cards earn you 10% off, and for the biggest celebration, 100+ cards unlock a 15% discount. Plus, enjoy the convenience of free shipping within Hong Kong for orders exceeding HK$380. Visit the Chinese Bridal Cakes page for further details and ensure your guests a memorable and delicious treat.